Vienna, Multi-National

Explore Vienna at historical places

Vienna 1 day 5 stops 3.6 hours All Season 75


Four people with a 2nd generation migration background (Bosnia, Croatia, Turkey and Morocco) set out to find successful examples of integration from the past and the present. They meet people from different cultures on their route and exchange experiences and interesting background stories.

       From Art Nouveau Vienna row houses, to art and architecture, to the longest permanent street detail market in Europe. (948 m).

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1. Naschmarkt

2. Museumsquartier (MQ)

3. Spittelberg

4. Justizpalast

5. Yppenmarkt/Brunnenmarkt

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Young people way through Vienna E

A group of young people sharing favorite places

Exploring Viennas links to different cultures E

Historical and modern meeting places in Vienna

Museum, BBQ, and Mariahilfer Strasse Shopping

Combine Culture, Shopping, and BBQ

Vienna, Inter-National

Secret places of International Vienna

Young people way through Vienna

A group of young people sharing favorite places