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Four migrants who have been living in Vienna for a long time take us on a walk through the history and present of multicultural Vienna and show us some of their favourite places. The starting point is the Votivpark, a park around the neo-Gothic Votivkirche, where a circle of EU trees has been planted. It is a popular meeting place for locals and migrants, not least because of its proximity to the University of Vienna. From there we stroll along Türkenstraße, an old street near the historic part of Vienna, through the medieval centre on to the "Griechenbeisl", Vienna's oldest restaurant. For 550 years, food and drinks have been served there - it got its name from the medieval trade relations with Greek merchants. Then we continue along the Danube Canal to the lively atmosphere of the old Carmelite Market, where languages from all over the world can be heard, a popular meeting place for residents of the neighbouring districts, with and without a migration background. Finally, the path leads us to the Augarten, a spacious park dating back to the 17th century and a traditional meeting place for people from different cultures.

       Migrants take us on a walk to their favorite places of multicultural Vienna with the atmosphere of the city´s traditional and modern diversity




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Young people way through Vienna E

A group of young people sharing favorite places

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Young people way through Vienna

A group of young people sharing favorite places