Valladolid through my Rumanian heart

A Cities by Heart Project initiative

Valladolid 1 day 5 stops 2.3 hours All Season 257


Here I suggest a very charming walk through five places which are very close to my heart in the city of Valladolid.: Casa de Colon Museum, Sculpture Museum Chapel, El Minuto Cafe, the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) and Plaza de Zorrilla. We will start at the Casa de Colon Museum (most people don't know that Colon actually passed away in Valladolid!). After that, my suggestion is going to the Sculpture Museum Chapel, where you can see sculptures belonging to the Gothic Art period. Then we'll go for refreshment to a charming cafeteria called El Minuto and, after this, we'll go to the well-known Plaza Mayor (Main Square). Finally, we end up our walk at the Plaza de Zorrilla.


Museo Casa de Colon

Chapel of the Sculpture Museum

Cafetería El Minuto

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Zorrilla