Out of the Usual Rome

Architecture, History and a Coffee

Rome 1 day 5 stops 0.8 hours All Season 141


On this tour you will see some architectural highlights of EUR, on of my favorite areas of Rome, built in the early 1900's as a location for Mussolini's Worlds Fair, that then never occurred. The location can be difficult to get to and has a contested history, but the architecture is beautiful. You will see Mosaics, rational architecture and take a break for coffee in the historic cafe of the area.

       Don't miss the details of the mosaics and sculptures around every corner!


Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana-Square Collosseo

Caffe Palombini

Il Genio Statue

Palazzo degli Uffici

Marconi Obelisk

Evelyn Hill



Rome's hidden gem: the Rione Monti

A walk in Rome's prettiest neighborhood

Walk around the impressive eternal city

Explore streets, tastes and monuments

Explore Testaccio

The amazing and food rich district

La Dolce Vita in Trastevere

Rome's most beautiful alleys

All the Gelato of Rome

For a full day of sweets