Around the Colosseum and beyond

Discovering San Giovanni and its surroundings

Rome 1 day 5 stops 3.7 hours All Season 887


Most tourists in Rome fail to see little-known gems hidden just around the corner from the main monuments. This tour will bring you to explore what's beyond (literally) the Colosseum. We will take a walk along Via di San Giovanni in Laterano and its surroundings to discover the many activities the area has to offer: we'll relax in a lush garden, eat carbonara, shop for rare records, visit historically and artistically rich places. Taking the longer path is so worth it.

       We will take a walk along Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, discover its surroundings and the many activities they have to offer



Villa Celimontana

Oratorio di San Silvestro

Hostaria Isidoro al Colosseo

Soul Food- Music Store

Casino Massimo Lancellotti

Caterina Franciosi



A day in Garbatella

Exploring another side of Rome

Night at the Imperial Forum

A sight you'll never forget

Ending the night with Jazz

Spending time enjoying Rome before the Jazzclub

San Lorenzo By Night

Dinner, drinks and music in Rome

Visit the charming Trastevere

A genuine look into life as a Roman