Hipster Food Joints in Prague Walking Route

Explore some of the Finest Eateries in Prague

Prague 1 day 3 stops 2.3 hours All Season 1995


There are a lot of cool eateries opening up in Prague every week. The whole food scene here is constantly growing and young people love going to innovative and unique places that offer delicious foods. On this route, you will get to try delicious grilled sausages, see what the fuss is about chlebicek (Czech-styled sandwich), and visit a cool bakery that serves tasty muffins and bagels.

       An unforgettable journey from a meat shop and a bistro to a small bakery in the center of Prague



Nase Maso Bucherie and Bistro

The Sisters Bistro

Bakeshop Praha

Dejan Badnjarevic

Freelance Travel Writer



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