Traversing the Veins of Paris

The Historic Network of Parisian Arcades

Paris 1 day 4 stops 3.3 hours All Season 2068


Walking through Paris’ famous passages is like stepping into a postcard from the 1800’s. Once the center of commerce, the arcades lined with its many shops, cafes, and restaurants still managed to preserve the old-world charm of downtown Paris.

       Get lost in the rabbit hole of spectacular passages and discover Paris’ well-kept secrets!


Arcades of Verdeau and Jouffroy

Lunch at Passage des Panoramas

Wine Tasting at Galerie Vivienne

The Gardens of Palais Royal

LA Sala



An American in Paris

USA in the heart of Paris

Nostalgic Paris

Flea Markets and Cabarets

Vinyl Lovers at Bastille

Music and good food together

Promenade Along the Parisian Canals

A walking tour of the trendy neighborhood

Vintage Shops for warm soul

Marathon for good bargains