Soulful Paris

Feel like home, relaxed and welcomed.

Paris 1 day 3 stops 4.0 hours , Winter, Fall 774


For me, this week now is the week I finished my exams. Working and studying one likes to relax. My go to place varies for this as I feel volatile when it comes to Paris, there are so many places. But, there are only few that really fill up my soul. This trip is Soulful Paris is where I uncover myself and tell you where I feel the most at home, I feel a blanket of joy covering my body and warming me – and I want you to feel like that as well. Maybe you have been already in Paris, or maybe not – but one thing is sure, you are visiting during your holidays, either from school or work or both – this is your free time, your time to relax. This trip will fill up that relax-glass just in the right amount of time, with the best ingredients (bio and organic) and while doing that it will also guide you through Paris. The three places included in this trip are situated in Montmartre and we know that Montmartre is haven for walking – there are just too many iconic spots and places that will pass your glance, so while visiting these places you visit the heart of Montmartre en passant – as French say.

       Splinters of jazz, laughter, life, warmth - good food. The places that feel like home.

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Soul Kitchen

Crêperie Rozell Café


Dimitri Samandov

A person who believes in the sense of Parisian wanderlust and the poetry of the motion per se.



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