Pigalle and Montmarte highlights

The hidden gems of Paris' north

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Wander the enchanting streets of Paris' north like a true local. Start by soaking up the best panoramic views of the city from the foot of the iconic Sacré Cœur cathedral. From there, make your way down to one of Paris' most romantic sites, Frédéric Baron's "I love you" wall, which features the world's most beautiful sentence in over 300 languages. Next up, experience SoPi (that's South Pigalle for non-locals) one of Paris' most hip and up-and-coming neighbourhoods. Here you will discover the eclectic Pigalle basketball court, which has recently been repainted pink in homage of the newly-opened Pink Mamma restaurant further down the road. Finally, you will head to the famous Rue des Martyrs, where you are free to finish the walking tour as you please. An iced coffee at KB Café perhaps? A carrot cake at the Rose Bakery? Or maybe a spot of shopping in one of the many charming boutiques which line this distinctive street.

       Wander the enchanting streets of Paris' north like a true local.


Sacré Cœur Cathedral

"I Love You" wall

Pigalle Basketball court

Rue des Martyrs

Candice Johnson

Australian living in Paris, a city I love more than anything, but which doesn´t seem to love me back. On the quest for the best cocktail in Paris.



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