A Quick Escape from Typical Paris

Unique Finds in the 12th Arrondissement

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Paris is undoubtedly beautiful but at a certain point, the streets become repetitive. We know you’d like to take a quick escape for a while, but don’t you know you can actually do this without exiting the city? Montmartre is probably on the top of your head but the crowds would make you think otherwise. Instead, try the 12th arrondissement. With its wide variety of streets, restaurants, and promenades, it is definitely a quick answer to that temporary craving for a change of scenery.

       A farmhouse-turned-museum, a railway-turned-promenade - the 12th arrondissement sure is full of surprises to temporarily escape the usual Paris



Rue Cremieux

La Maison Rouge

Chez Papa

Coulée Verte (Elevated Promenade)

End of the Elevated Trail

LA Sala



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