A train station, a port

Migration Gateways

Marseille 1 day 5 stops 1.0 hours All Season 304


This itinerary proposes to discover the history of migration in Marseille from two entry points: the Saint Charles train station and the commercial port of La Joliette. Both of them were the entry points of various migratory waves that gave Marseille a unique cosmopolitan identity in France and even in Europe. From the end of the 19th century, most Italians, Spanish, Armenians, Russians, North Africans and Africans arrived in Marseille through the station or the port


Saint Charles Station

Porte d'Aix - Jules Guesde Square

The Boulevard des Dames

Joliette Docks

Joliette’s Place

remi bellia



Marseille memory of migrations

History of Marseille Migration

Marseille mémoire des migrations

Marseille mémoire des migrations

Une gare, un port

Les portes d’entrée des migrations

From Medieval times to Freedom

Gedimo Tower, the KGB Museum and on to Seimas

Alternative tour of the Campus Martius

Beyond the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain