London's Literary walk

London 1 day 8 stops 3.0 hours All Season 450


This walk will guide you in the city of London through history and love of books, from Dickens to the British library and all the finest bookshops in town - this walking tour is for book lovers and people who enjoy taking a different perspective of the city.

       'Tis love that makes the world go round, my baby.



Daunt Books

Welcome Collection

The British Library

Granary Square

Dickens Museum

Persephone Books

London Review Bookshop

Hatchards Piccadilly

John M

Love urban travel, mostly interested in culture, food and history, but will be happy to see any street-art too. Mostly London and Paris, but I am planning to dig deep on other cities as well soon.



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The Big Ben to Trafalgar Square route

Gherkin to the Shard

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South London villages, leafy and cultural

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Strolling around Covent Garden

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