Bookstores of Piccadilly

A short walk for bibliophiles

London 1 day 6 stops 2.8 hours All Season 444


This tour is a short walk along Piccadilly - just a single tube stop - but there is a lot to do for a book lover. Start at Piccadilly Circus and enjoy a couple of bookshops, a market, and perhaps a spot of tea before relaxing in Green Park with your bags laden with books.

       Enjoy browsing endless shelves before sitting back and relaxing with your book in the park.



Piccadilly Circus

Waterstones Piccadilly

Piccadilly Market


Fortnum & Mason

Green Park

Jimmy Chen

I am a history and politics graduate from LSE and Cambridge and I am passionate about travelling in Europe and around the world. I live and work in London as a communications consultant.



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