Trinity Buoy Wharf, an Inspiring District

Street Art and the Longplayer

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This is London as you have never seen it. Trinity Buoy Wharf looks like the Docklands (now the financial district) did 30 years ago. This old listed Wharf is now home to the London's artists community. Historically, since the 15th century and until recently Trinity Buoy Wharf's dwellers were responsible for making beacons, buoys, and lightships. As the factories they worked in were listed, they could only be restored, never demolished. Nowadays, they are artists studios. As the community of artists grew so did the number of homes and studios The Wharf is home to the largest and most recent Container City structure, ‘The Riverside Building’, which is made from 73 containers. The old (and only) London's lighthouse contains 234 Tibetan bowls, the ensemble is called the Longplayer, aptly named as the musical composition will be playing for the next 1,000 years. It consists of six short recorded pieces written for Tibetan singing bowls, in such a way that the variations will never repeat. The most exciting way to get to Trinity Buoy Wharf is by taking a short ferry trip across the Thames from the O2 QEII Pier (Mon-Fri 5am-7pm £2 each way). But, if you get there at the weekend it's a walk 15 minute walk from East India DLR station And if it was not enough, from the wharf you'll get the best views to the O2 and there is a fantastic 1940's diner-Fat Boy's Diner-

       A unique district which is home to one of London's most inspiring artist communities and the only lighthouse of the capital



East India DLR

Container City

Trinity Buoy Wharf


Fatboys Diner

O2 view point

Solange berchemin



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