Vintage Shopping in East London

London 1 day 4 stops 2.8 hours All Season 5737


From edgy students trying to stretch a tight budget, to young professionals looking to inject individuality into their wardrobe, vintage shopping is an increasingly popular past-time among Londoners, and the best place to do it is in the shops and markets of the trendy East End. This route will take you from the East End Thrift Store, perhaps London’s most well-known vintage store, to quirky Columbia Road for antiques and a coffee break, and finally to vibrant Brick Lane where you will be spoilt for choice.

       "Rummaging through the colourful and full clothing rails is in itself a journey through the ages of fashion"



East End Thrift Store

Vintage Heaven

Beyond Retro

Brick Lane

Izzy Williams

A young Londoner exploring this amazing city.



Insta Shopping On Columbia Road

Columbia Road is more than a flower market

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