A Mystery at Baker Street

The game’s afoot!

London 1 day 4 stops 5.5 hours All Season 1242


Unbeknown to many, Sherlock Holmes was never in fact a real person but the wonderful brainchild of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The great popularity of the infamous Sherlock Holmes throughout the globe has somehow bought a character to life more than any other fictional character. This route is perfect for groups or couples. Although, we’ll let you decide amongst yourselves who will be Dr. Watson, the Great Mr. Holmes or even Moriarty!

       London is riddled with mystery, mysticism and secrets, so what better way to explore the capital than in the footsteps of the infamous Sherlock Holmes


The Sherlock Holmes Museum

The Natural Kitchen

Daunt Books

Sherlock Holmes Pub and Restaurant

Nahla Idris

Writer, mad about London.



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