Historical Tour of Glasgow

Cathedral, Glasgow Green, Coffee stop

Glasgow 1 day 4 stops 4.3 hours All Season 768


I like this tour as it shows some of the spectacular histories that the city of Glasgow has to offer. This tour starts off at Glasgow cathedral followed by a refreshment stop at German-inspired West on the Green. Following refreshments, the tour moves to Glasgow Green to see the statue of the famous civil engineer James Watt and then onto the People's Palace to learn about how the people of the city lived and worked in the olden days.

       Explore places of historical interest within the city of Glasgow.



Glasgow Cathedral

Refreshment Stop- West on The Green

James Watt Statue - Glasgow Green

The People's Palace

Catherine Stewart



Contemporary art in Glasgow's historic Trongate

Art galleries, independent art spaces, and cafes

Discover the Art of Glasgow.

Statue, food stop and art gallery

Fun Night Out in Belleville

Dumpling, wine bars and an eclectic cultural space

Outdoors in The Capital

Wildlife in the City

Bookstores of Piccadilly

A short walk for bibliophiles