Dublin Through Films

Oscars, Sets, and a Pint On Route!

Dublin 1 day 6 stops 4.9 hours All Season 491


Dublin's relationship with film has evolved over recent decades, from our first Oscar nod to charismatic Saoirse Ronan representing proud Irish eyes the world over. Behind the scenes, Dublin has never been shy from lending its scenery to those behind the camera. Along this walk you'll explore the various places, namesakes, and history of Irish film.

       Don't forget to check out EatYard behind The Bernard Shaw, you'll find a variety of great street vendors looking to share their offerings!



Kilmainham Gaol, 'Michael Collins'

Christchurch Cathedral, 'The Tudors'

Dublin Castle, 'Barry Lyndon'

Trinity College Dublin, 'The Great Train Robbery'

Grafton Street, 'Once'

The Bernard Shaw, 'George Bernard Shaw'

Caolan Flood

Screenwriter & Filmmaker, with a passion for travel. Always on the lookout for the next adventure!



Dublin's Artistic Streets

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Dalkey & Killiney Hill Walk

Coffee, Views, & A Beach Stroll

Dublin Through a Lens

Cameras, Coffee, and Dublin's Coast

Howth Cliff Walk

Coffee, Cliffs, and a Secluded Lighthouse

A Photographer's Escape to Dublin's Outskirts

Dun Laoighaire to Sandycove