Walking along the Center with Kids

A day plan to enjoy with the little ones

Barcelona 1 day 5 stops 3.1 hours All Season 946


This day really helped me take off the pressure of making plans for kids and grown ups and still have a blast! My nephews still mention this afternoon every time we get together. We started of at Pudding Alicia which is full of color and good flavors. The decoration of the place is just over the top! Batteries charged, made a stop at a nearby children's book store, Abracadabra, so cozy you could just find a spot and lay there for hours. We continued our route in search of more dessert. I had had a place in mind for a long time. Turrones La Campana est. 1890 offers a huge amount of local and traditional sweets (we still went for the ice-cream). Stopped by a Kids Clothes Store, Little Creative Factory. Interesting. Finally, we made it into the Park of Ciutadella! Such a good vibe as you walk in. People laying in the sun having picnics and chats on the grass. The kids went nuts climbing and playing on trees and we all took a ride on a row boat on the lake. It really doesn't take much to keep grown ups and kids happy. Be open to wandering around, follow a couple recommendations and always know where the nearest ice-cream shops are.

       Barcelona is really a city full of fun things to do for the young and for the not-so-young.



Pudding Alicia

Abracadabra Children's Book Store

Turrones La Campana - Ice Cream and Local Sweets

Little Creative Factory - Kids Clothes

Ciutadella Park - Cascade, Pond and Play

Tom Talley

Studied Architecture. Enthusiastic about buildings and humans. I take pictures with old cameras and like to explore the city by bike or using my own legs.



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