Sants Neighborhood Life and Barcelona's Highline

A popular neighborhood with the best urban life!

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Sants! This is a special part of town. Full of life and authentic characters. This walk is to get out of the typical crowds and build your own path. We go through our own local version of the highline. A kilometer-long garden park built on top of historic train tracks. Then, we go by a Peruvian restaurant that has some amazing Ceviche. There is a large Latin-American population in this area of town so restaurants like this are the real deal! Plaça d'Osca Square is a very cozy spot to stop and grab a nice coffee in the sun. Plaça Espanya is where to end up! Very well connected next to Sants Station and an emblem of the modern Barcelona post-Olympics. Overall you'll get a broader sense of the city and a good take on the local life!

       This neighborhood has a particular vibe to it. If your looking to get a take on the local life this is the area to explore!



Highline Rambla de Sants

Peruvian Restaurant - El Rocoto

Osca Square

Espanya Industrial Park

Tom Talley

Studied Architecture. Enthusiastic about buildings and humans. I take pictures with old cameras and like to explore the city by bike or using my own legs.



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