Around Sagrada Familia, Burguers and Coffee

Three Modernist Gems and stopping for Coffee

Barcelona 1 day 5 stops 1.8 hours All Season 1285


A walk filled with world-recognized architecture, burgers and coffee! We start off at the old mansion of Casa de las Alturas, now a great park right next to the metro station. A short walk downhill we find the Old Hospital of Sant Pau, a true example of Catalan Modernism that will teach you a lesson or two on art history and architecture. The Sagrada Familia, two centuries in construction and world wide fame. This stop is a must see of Barcelona, everyone agrees. It is worth going inside but the facades itself are already mesmerizing. Right outside of Gaudi's Masterpiece we find another masterpiece, a Burger Masterpiece. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is my favorite burger joint by far. It just opened this year and I only have but good words for it. If not into the Burger mood, there are plenty of offers in the area. Finally, there is a cafe, El Nou Caracas that is ideal to stop and process all that was just seen. It is very local and cozy. But the secret spot is the back door inner garden it has. It is magical!

       In a short distance walk you can cover three of Barcelona's particular Modernist Architecture trophies and end up in a cafe with 0 tourists in it.

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Casa de les Altures

Sant Pau Modernist Hospital

Sagrada Familia

Five Guys - Best Burguers

Cafe El Nou Caracas

Tom Talley

Studied Architecture. Enthusiastic about buildings and humans. I take pictures with old cameras and like to explore the city by bike or using my own legs.



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