Mindful Walk Around Sarrià

The fanciest and calmest part of town

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Starting at a beautiful antique bar in an old Villa, la Casa Orlandai. Right in front of the Sarrià Metro Strop and perfect to have a coffee right off the bat. As we get in the mood, let's go a couple blocks further into the historic main street, Major de Sarrià. There, we find one of these traditional bars that haven't changed one bit in the last half a century, Bar Tomás. The whole city recognizes that this Bar has the best 'Patatas Bravas' tapa in town and have won several competitions for it. Have something to eat, great lunch menu deals and off we go. One block up we have a historic pastry shop, el Foix de Sarrià. Renowned all over, it is very typical to receive pastries from here on special occasions. Can recall with delight, several birthdays and Christmases that had their cakes. Next is the Monastery of Pedralbes where actual Monks live in. This place is almost a thousand years old! I encourage you to go and experience it. A bit downhill we find the last stop, the icing on top of the cake. We find an enormous extension of gardens that used to be Royal property and now are open to public. It is a fantastic park full of elegance in the style of British and French gardens, with a local touch. Truly beautiful, what a treat of a walk!

       Crowdless, you'll find peace in this walk filled with elegant landmarks!



Casa Orlandai

Bar Tomás

Pastry Shop - El Foix de Sarrià

Pedralbes Monastery

Pedralbes Gardens

Tom Talley

Studied Architecture. Enthusiastic about buildings and humans. I take pictures with old cameras and like to explore the city by bike or using my own legs.



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