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My favorite city in the world, Barcelona! And what best way than to see it from above? This is a walk I have repeated many many times on my own and with friends. It will take up to half a day and gives you a glimpse of the daily local life and the privilege of seeing the whole city from high up. This way you can sense the different personalities Barcelona has to offer. Starting off in the young neighborhood of Gracia where I grew up, taking it easy in a cozy square in the sun. Wandering around towards Park Güell, the most famous park in Barcelona where you'll be able to be in contact with nature and astonishing architecture, only 10 minutes away from the city center! As we go up, we can stop at a traditional restaurant where I am a typical customer to recharge energy and finish off at the most outstanding view of this Mediterranean gem, Barcelona.

       This is the perfect walk to step out from the crowds and get a wider and unique sense of the city of Barcelona.



Plaza del Sol

Park Güell

Restaurant Delicias

Turó de la Rovira - View

Tom Talley

Studied Architecture. Enthusiastic about buildings and humans. I take pictures with old cameras and like to explore the city by bike or using my own legs.



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