Art Nouveau

Legacy of Aveiro emigrants in Brazil

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Distinguished as the Museum City of Art Nouveau in Portugal, Aveiro is a member of the "Réseau Art Nouveau Network" alongside Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Glasgow, Helsinki or Havana. With the return os Aveiro emigrants in Brazil, the buildings acquired the first evidence of Art Nouveau inspiration. The main innovation of the Art Nouveau movement of Aveiro lies in the introduction of the Art Nouveau motifs on traditionally Portuguese tiles

       Discover the charm of this delicate and seductive art period of the 20th century by taking a walking tour with a guide through the Art Nouveau route



Art Nouveau Museum

Aveiro Rossio House

Ovos Moles House

Museu da Cidade (City Museum)

Cooperativa Agrícola Building

Ergovisão Shop Building

House of the Architect Silva Rocha

Hotel “As Américas”

AEVA Citizens Projects

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Rota da Arte Nova

O legado dos emigrantes Aveirenses no Brasil

All the way through the millennium

from Morocco & Venezuela to Aveiro

Durante o milénio

de Marrocos e Venezuela até Aveiro

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