All the way through the millennium

from Morocco & Venezuela to Aveiro

Aveiro 1 day 6 stops 1.7 hours All Season 357


Throughout the Millennium, Aveiro has been hosting migrants. During this route, you can find the evidences of arabe art culture on Aveiro Tiles, the Netherlands input on tiles’ colour and later on the amazing transformation in Aveiro’s local business with Venezuelan emigrants’ special bakeries.

       Try a "cachito" at one of the Venezuelan bakeries or a tasty "pão da avó" with cheese while walking around Aveiro University



Aveiro Train Station

Misericórdia Church

Casa de Santa Zita

Santa Joana Museum

Venepão Bakery

Aveiro University

AEVA Citizens Projects

CITIZENS PROJECTS is part of AEVA. Implements projects under different EU programmes, promoting the development of innovation, students/s mobility and active citizenship



Durante o milénio

de Marrocos e Venezuela até Aveiro

Art Nouveau

Legacy of Aveiro emigrants in Brazil

Rota da Arte Nova

O legado dos emigrantes Aveirenses no Brasil

Dublin Through Films

Oscars, Sets, and a Pint On Route!

A different kind of shopping at the Champs

Shopping at Champs Elysées