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About Us

We at Routey are a community of world travellers.


Some of us love art, others street food. Whether our passion lies in shopping or cinema, architecture or tranquil gardens, what binds us all together is our love of exploration and discovery.


We believe

A good journey, just like a good story, deserves to be shared. At Routey, we want to celebrate the journeys you have taken, the paths you have walked. We want to build a community where fellow travellers and explorers can share their favourite locations and memories, allowing others to discover these places for themselves.

We are dedicated to building a community that celebrates all the hidden wonders and gems we discover on our journeys. By using Routey when you travel we want to make your journey richer and fuller. Find the places that matter to you, and engage with friends and fellow travellers who can help guide you to the best destinations in any city.

What we do

Routey is a free online platform


Create memorable days of adventure and discovery around the globe. By using our platform, you can find a wealth of walking tours and places to visit in any city, all created by our wonderful community of contributors and users.


Here, you will find only the places that matter, the places travellers before you have fallen in love with and revisit again and again.



Getting Involved

Routey is a Community.

We want you to share your best-kept secret places and walks with us. Share your favourite locations and days away with friends, family and followers, enriching the travels and experiences of others as you go. Give your followers a glimpse of your world, taking them on a journey through your favourite destinations and creating a day out that may one day be as precious to someone else as it is to you.

Get Routey

Our app is available for iOS and Android. So take Routey with you on the road so you can travel inspired.