Quirky, arty and fun!

Traditional Uzupis to illusionary Vilnius

Vilnius 1 day 7 stops 2.8 hours All Season 867


Walking through the special "Republic of Uzupis", one discovers old and new history, art, architecture and people - peaceful yet vibrant. Then on to a traditional Lithuanian meal of fresh mushroom soup in an edible bread bowl .. unique to this country where the mushrooms are collected in the forests most mornings! A short walk after lunch takes us to the modern Vilnil Museum of Illusions to experience to latest in high tech for which the Baltic states are famous.

       Move through time from the unique Republic of Uzupis to the latest in illusions in old Vinius town.



Entering Uzupis

St Batholomew Church

Republic of Uzupis Constitution

Angel of Uzupis

Exiting Uzupis

Forto Dvaras

Vilnil Museum of Illusions

Shana Gavron



From Medieval times to Freedom

Gedimo Tower, the KGB Museum and on to Seimas

Mountains in Paris: a Perfect Winter Day!

Sledding, shopping and cheese!

Howth Cliff Walk

Coffee, Cliffs, and a Secluded Lighthouse

Great Mitte Walk & Coffee

Try out the neighborhood - Circus Hotel

Soulful Paris

Feel like home, relaxed and welcomed.