Medieval Christianity

Exploring Tallinn's Medieval Religious Landmarks

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Old town Tallinn offers fairy tale wonders to the meandering explorer. This tour focuses on some of the city's classical religious landmarks: from St Catherine's Monastery, one of Tallinn's oldest buildings, to St Olaf's Church, which is said to have been struck by around 10 bolts of lightning from St Mary's Cathedral, the only building in Toompea to survive a 17th century fire, to St Nicholas' Church, which was nearly destroyed during World War II. The tour concludes with a medieval feast, where you can marvel at Estonia's age old delicacies.

       the Gothic steeple of St Olaf's Church once made the church one of the tallest buildings in the world



Old Dominican Monastery Claustrum

St Olaf's Church

St Mary's Cathedral

St Nicholas' Church

Olde Hansa Restaurant

Shana Gavron



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