Escape from the KGB

Feeling the Pressures of the Past

Tallinn 1 day 5 stops 5.0 hours All Season 919


Relive Soviet times and experience first hand the KGB! The tour starts at the old KGB Headquarters and Prison Cells, before moving on to the Hotel Viru and KGB Museum where you have the chance to encounter the two parallel worlds of the Soviet times. Now that you know what life was like, make your way to the KGB Escape Room where you have a limited time to escape the KGB headquarters before facing interrogation. Note that the main destinations on this tour should be booked in advance and it is advised that, due to the nature of the tour, it is designed for groups of up to 4 and over the age of 16.

       A blended mix of history and thrills



KGB Headquarters and Prison Cells

Viru Keskus

Viru Hotel and KGB Museum

Estonian Burger Factory

KGB Escape Room

Shana Gavron



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