A tour for book lovers in the Eternal City

Walk through Rome's lavishly decorated libraries

Rome 1 day 5 stops 3.3 hours All Season 1328


This tour will bring you to explore some of the city's most hidden and charming gems- its historic libraries. A few steps away from the main tourist attractions, these libraries are housed in lavishly decorated, centuries-old buildings which are artistic and architectural gems in and of themselves. When you're not walking down the silent reading rooms or feasting your eyes on old volumes, you can treat yourself to the best gelato in town and taste a sophisticated selection of teas served in a library/tea house.

       This tour is also a great chance to visit some of Rome's most prominent palazzi- the historic mansions of the city's aristocratic families



Palazzo Venezia- Library, Museum, Garden

Bibliothè- Library and Tea House

Centro Studi Americani

Campo de' Fiori

Biblioteca Valicelliana

Caterina Franciosi



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