A bridge to get together, a square to integrate

Pescara 1 day 6 stops 0.9 hours All Season 17


The city of Pescara is divided by a river. Over time, many bridges have been created to unite the two parts of the city, and from the most modern to the most historical one crosses the history of a city inhabited by many ethnic groups that can struggle to integrate. After the bridges there are the squares, where you can meet the locals and participate in city life, discovering the historical places very frequented by the inhabitants, so as to integrate and learn about the history of a city that immediately enters the hearts of those who arrive from afar .

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Flaiano Brigde

Old Railway Bridge

Manthonè Street - The Ancient Pescara

Garibaldi Square

Saint Cetteo Cathedral


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Hidden treasures

The wonders of a city in degraded areas

Rome: the Jewish Ghetto

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