Vinyl Lovers at Bastille

Music and good food together

Paris 1 day 5 stops 3.0 hours All Season 979


If you are crazy for vinyl and music hunting, Bastille is where you should be. The neighbourhood is where DJ's go to search new hits and French tunes. There is a selection of good stores specialised in different music categories and disco conditions you can find good things for a really cheap price. A mandatory stop to have a delicious hamburger and fill your stomach between disco stops.

       Vinyls and good burger is a DJ paradise.



Betino's Record Shop

Syncrophone Records

Blend Hamburger

Le SIlence de la rue

Heartbeat Vinyl

Joaquim Fernandes

I am a Brazilian Chef living in Milan!



The Pastry Route of Le Marais

A short tour for the sweet tooth

Out of city center

Take the subway and enjoy

Hunting for Meatless

eating standing still rocks

Amusing day for sun lovers

Magical day with good food and nature

I Need Sunshine: a Winter Tour

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