The Ideal Week End Afternoon in République

Brunch, Yoga, a stroll along Canal Saint Martin...

Paris 1 day 4 stops 2.8 hours 925


Week end afternoons are made to restore and rejoice in a laid-back atmosphere! Start at around 12:15 with an accessible and fun Yoga class. You’ll feel relaxed, and your week or yesterday’s night will be far away in your mind. After the class, your appetite will already be well worked up! This means it is time for brunch! Head to Canal Saint Martin in this colorful local spot with a friendly vibe and fresh food. Take a digestive stroll along Canal Saint Martin, keeping an eye open for a bargain in one of the many small designer shops. Our last stop in a relaxing Matcha cafe will finish to make you feel good and will give you energy for the rest of the afternoon.

       Trust me, you will always find room for the cheesecake!



The Yoga Factory

Le Sesame

Canal Saint Martin

Umami Matcha

Lucile H

Hi :) I´m Lucile and I have been Paris based for 8 years! I LOVE walking around in this amazing city and stumbling upon great places to eat or have a glass of wine!



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