Sweets and Coffee in the East of Paris

Instagram worthy-spots for sweet-toothed foodies!

Paris 1 day 5 stops 1.8 hours 973


You will love this tour if you have a sweet tooth! Our first stop is du Pain et des Idées, an iconic bakery set in a traditional decor with bread and sweets worth crossing town for. We will then go to Liberté boulangerie for creative cakes made in an open setting kitchen. It will then be time for coffee at Blackburn, a warm and welcoming Starsbourg Saint Denis spot where you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy a drink made by the friendly team and maybe share their instagram-worthy home-made brownie! We will end our tour with a walk in the neighborhood, discovering the traditionally Parisian “passages”, small covered streets, often hidden from sight. There are many in this neighborhood and you will enjoy wandering in these secret streets. Start in the mid-morning, during the week to catch the freshest pastries and bring a friend to share the delicious sweets with. Portions are small but if you have a smaller appetite try switching the pastries for a small bread at du Pain et des Idées and skip on the brownie at Blackburn.

       This bakery is worth crossing Paris for!



Du Pain et des Idées

Liberté Boulangerie

Blackburn Coffee

Cour des Petites Écuries

Passage du Caire

Lucile H

Hi :) I´m Lucile and I have been Paris based for 8 years! I LOVE walking around in this amazing city and stumbling upon great places to eat or have a glass of wine!



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