Rive Gauche Classic

the calm and beauty from the other side

Paris 1 day 4 stops 3.3 hours All Season 519


Rive Gauche is filled with classics! This tour explores the pure French identity their famous cuisine, monuments, smells and treats. The plan is to have an authentic French dish following with the best chocolate mousse in Paris, a quick walk to see a classic gothic style church, than to a candle store. The tours is ended with a little treat a classic boulangerie and a great afternoon tea.

       trying all my senses like a true Parisian



Chez René

Collège des Bernardins

Diptyque Paris

Eric Kayser

Joaquim Fernandes

I am a Brazilian Chef living in Milan!



Around the Vibrant Saint Germain District

Stamping ground of 1900's writers and artists

A Quick Escape from Typical Paris

Unique Finds in the 12th Arrondissement

Love is in the air of Paris

An unusual story of how people fall in love

Rock it in Paris

A night of rock’n’roll in Paris

Best Rive Droite Instagram Spots

Art, food and architecture