Refresh day at Canal Saint Martin

Vegan food and a lovely walk

Paris 1 day 4 stops 2.5 hours All Season 693


Start in a vegan restaurant to give a boost of energy and freshness to your lunch, they serve big dishes full of creativity and different flavours in a very simple and cool place. Than a visit in a genuine concept book store with the best selection of design books and cool artsy objects. You can find incredible maps, polaroids cameras, bags and some small exhibitions. While crossing the Canal Saint Martin you enjoy the amazing view at the Square des Recollets, and if you are lucky, see the floodgates in action. Finally the walk ends in a cool coffee shop that also serves an amazing French bread.

       Lovely day for green thumb and design lovers.



Sol Semilla


Square des Recollets

Ten Belles

Joaquim Fernandes

I am a Brazilian Chef living in Milan!



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