Promenade Along the Parisian Canals

A walking tour of the trendy neighborhood

Paris 1 day 4 stops 2.3 hours All Season 1152


We know you’d love to stroll along the Seine for that romantic feel but if you want a more authentic vibe of the normal everyday Parisian lifestyle, the banks of trendy Canal Saint-Martin are the way to go. With a network of bridges and a promenade that extends to the grand Parc de la Vilette, you will never run out of things to see and do.

       Walk the trendy quays like a real modern day Parisian.


Pont d'Amelie

Bassin de la Vilette

Le Pavillon des Canaux

Villette Park

LA Sala



Cocktails of SoPi

A tour of South Pigalle by night

Discover Montparnasse area

Old parisian area, full of culture

Paris of the movies

And Action!

Mountains in Paris: a Perfect Winter Day!

Sledding, shopping and cheese!

Soulful Paris

Feel like home, relaxed and welcomed.