Love is in the air of Paris

An unusual story of how people fall in love

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We know that Paris is called the city of love, and French people are viewed as lovers – as is the most sensual kiss called French, nevertheless people often tend to not know how to create their own love story in Paris. This simple walkable tour, most suitable for partners and people in love but also for those in search will be your guide to creating your own love story or maybe discovering it along the way. The tour is situated mostly in Montmartre, people associate it to the Basilica of Sacre Cœur and that it was the place where some of the greatest artists lived, and artists are known to be great lovers – so Montmartre will be just the place. Montmartre is talked about by Parisians in a nostalgic way: It's not what it used to be, the artists can't afford to live here anymore but anyone who finds their way up the famous hill, always falls in love – because everything about it is still present in the sense and vibe of it. The atmosphere is just filled up with love particles – and this tour will guide you to get them at the right places.

       France without Paris would be a soulless body, but Paris without Montmartre would be a heart without joy. - Charles Aznavour



Wall of Love

Museum of Montmartre

La Maison Rose

Café des Deux Moulins

Dimitri Samandov

A person who believes in the sense of Parisian wanderlust and the poetry of the motion per se.



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