Cocktails of SoPi

A tour of South Pigalle by night

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Experience Paris' most up-and-coming neighbourhood, SoPi (that's South Pigalle for non-locals) the way it was intended - from one lip-smacking cocktail to the next. Paris hasn't always been known for it's cocktails, having struggled to outgrow its reputation as a purely wine-centric city. However things are changing, and SoPi is at the nexus of this trend. Start your evening on Paris' very own "cocktail street", Rue Frochot, at the cozy speak-easy bar Lulu White. Next up, line your stomach with some apératifs at the Grand Pigalle Hotel. Afterwards it's time for dinner at the iconic Pink Mamma restaurant, and the biggest challenge of the night - finding the "No Entry" bar hidden on one of its four floors (hint: look for the meat freezer). Finally, take one last cocktail at the quirky Lousiana-themed Baton Rouge. Be sure to wash them down with some signature roasted peanuts!

       Experience Paris' most up-and-coming neighbourhood the way it was intended - from one lip-smacking cocktail to the next!



Lulu White

Grand Pigalle Hotel

No Entry

Baton Rouge

Candice Johnson

Australian living in Paris, a city I love more than anything, but which doesn´t seem to love me back. On the quest for the best cocktail in Paris.



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