Marseille memory of migrations

History of Marseille Migration

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The centre of Marseille is largely a popular area. However, its urban space has been disrupted in recent years by the rehabilitation of the "Euromed" area including the port of La Joliette and its wharf where the "Mucem", Museum of European and Mediterranean, was built. This route invites visitors to discover the history of Marseille, the one of men and women from all walks of life who have shaped the city's identity from the Museum of History to the Mucem.


Place Belsunce

Belsunce Square – Pesciolini Hotel - Alcazar

Marseille History Museum

Mazeau Square

Tourette Esplanade

remi bellia



Une gare, un port

Les portes d’entrée des migrations

A train station, a port

Migration Gateways

Marseille mémoire des migrations

Marseille mémoire des migrations

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