St Paul's Stroll

Coffee, PIzza and a around the Cathedral

London 1 day 5 stops 1.5 hours 786


St Paul's is a London icon, a landmark you can not miss and a wonderful place to visit. Even if you do not go inside a walk around the area will give you a glimpse into London history as this area was part of the historical square mile city of London, and the great fire of London started right around the corner. We got a killer coffee to start the tour and a great pizza to finish - for me the best time of day to walk this tour is from around noon to late afternoon.

       St Paul - the jewel of London, shines since 1697


Artigiano Espresso and Wine Bar

Around St Paul's

Facing the river and bridge

St Paul's Garden

Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza

tali packer



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A Tale Of Two Cities

Shop at Leather Lane Market and Hatton Garden

Weaving towards Westminster Cathedral

Tracing through Kensington Gardens

Let's have tea in London

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