Royal Kensington

Discover the legacy of Victoria and Albert

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The Royal Borough of Kensington is associated with museums and royalty. In this walk you will experience the splendour of Kensington Palace, the grandeur of the Albert Memorial and Albert Hall, and artistic treasures from all around the world in the Victoria and Albert Museum. In the process, you will learn how a modest townhouse in west London was transformed into a palace which continues to service as the residence of the youngest and most fashionable members of the British royal family. You will also discover the legacy of Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert and their patronage of the arts.

       Take a walk through one of the richest districts of London



Kensington Palace

Albert Memorial

Royal Albert Hall

Victoria and Albert Museum

Jimmy Chen

I am a history and politics graduate from LSE and Cambridge and I am passionate about travelling in Europe and around the world. I live and work in London as a communications consultant.



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