Boxing Day - the day after Christmas - in London

How to spend the day after Christmas in London

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There are more exciting things than eat leftovers from your Christmas dinner, and I bet you could also do with a bit of fresh air after the overindulgence that went on the night before. Fortunately, people are spoilt for choices this bank holiday. With public transport in the capital running a normal Sunday service and with no congestion charge for those driving, you can easily come and go as you please. So, why not grab a bargain at your favourite shop, sip up some mulled wine and keep up with the festive feeling? Whether you want to bring friends and family along or are just happy to have some me-time, here are a few ideas to fill your day.

       26th December marks the start of the winter Sale season in the UK. Find the right balance between shop and relaxation with this fun festive day out!

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Westfield Shopping Centre

Southbank Centre

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