An Evening Of Cheese and Wine

A Sensual Gastronomic Experience

London 1 day 3 stops 4.0 hours All Season 676


Cheese and wine is the one marriage no one can object to, fact. There’s something about the way a full bodied wine complements the nutty, salty undertones of cheese. That said, finding somewhere that knows both cheese, wine and the ultimate pairings can be tricky business. Kensington is home to two fabulous spots, that have nailed the artisan craft. What’s more, they are conveniently located nearby to the beautiful Kensington Gardens, where you can enjoy a wander to walk off your evening of indulgence!

       Cheese and wine: a marriage no one ever objected to



Hotel Xenia

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Wine Rooms

Sara Siddeeq

Journalist in Barcelona/London



Royal Kensington

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Sweet shops in Charing Cross

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Tower Bridge to Aldwych

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