American heritage in London

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This walking tour is aimed at American visitors to London, Americans living in London, as well as anyone else who may be interested in American history. Britain and the United States share a lot of history. The thirteen colonies which created the United States were part of the British empire, and secured their independence following victory in the American Revolutionary War (1775-83) over British forces. The British and Americans fought another war between 1812-14, but since then have been close allies marked by a 'special relationship.'

       Discover the history of Anglo-American relations in London



Benjamin Franklin House

Statue of George Washington

Statue of King George III

Republic of Texas plaque

Allies Sculpture

Grosvenor Square


Jimmy Chen

I am a history and politics graduate from LSE and Cambridge and I am passionate about travelling in Europe and around the world. I live and work in London as a communications consultant.



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