Scientific Discovery in Bloomsbury

London 1 day 3 stops 4.5 hours All Season 1571


Bloomsbury is one of London’s main intellectual hubs. Many scientific and educational institutions are based in this small area, including University College London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the British Medical Association. As a result, Bloomsbury has a fantastic range of scientific museums, full of fascinating and unusual artefacts. This route will take you to three of the best scientific museums in this part of London, starting with the strange collections in the Hunterian Museum, followed by the only university zoological museum in London, the Grant Museum of Zoology, and ending with the chic and modern Wellcome Collection.

       "visitors are greeted by the oddly beautiful sight of thousands of jars in antique wooden cases containing a huge range of strange specimens"



Hunterian Museum

Grant Museum of Zoology

Wellcome Collection

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