Traditional Tuscan Lunch in Florence

Three places locals go to grab a bite

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There are thousands of restaurants in the center of Florence but few are frequented by locals. If you look in between the touristic pizzerias, however, you can still find a few places that have stuck to their roots, haven't relinquished the Tuscan hospitality, and pride themselves on plain good meals that'll keep anyone satisfied - Florentine or not. Traditional trattorias and osterias are known for their ability to stick to the historic food culture of Florence and are the "comfort food" places of Firenze. All three of the lunch-spots listed here are family-run and also open for dinner in the evening, though lunch is the more popular local time to grab a nice "primo" of pasta or a plate of appetizing meats and cheeses from the surrounding area of Tuscany. ** Make sure to note that going along with tradition in Florence, many of these trattorias serve fish plates at the end of the week. If you're less into Mediterranean fish plates (which are incredible for those that like the taste but strong for others that don't), head to these places earlier in the week or you may have a limited menu of non-fish options.

       If you want good, local Tuscan cooking, head to one of these three locales in the center.



Trattoria Il Bargello

Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori

Il Giova

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