Lesser-Known Piazzas of the Oltrarno

Discover the other side of Florence

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In recent years Florence has been absolutely flooded with tourism - and in such a small city, the millions of tourists are normally crowded into a few specific areas because many are traveling to a "check-list" way of vacationing - where they have to see a specific list of things in order to "experience" a place. With this tour, you won't check off any "famous" sights on your list, but you will get a sense of what Florence is without the crowds and the beauty that still exists in between the museums and the history.

       Get away from the crowds and enjoy local Florence.


Santo Spirito

Piazza del Carmine

Piazza Tasso

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Traditional Tuscan Lunch in Florence

Three places locals go to grab a bite

Lunch On the Arno

A walk along the Arno river with a stop for Lunch

Leather Shopping & Museum in San Lorenzo

Lesser-Known Museums & Shops in San Lorenzo

To the Rooftops

Drink in the Skyline of Florence

The Stibbert Museum - Florence

Discover the lesser-known museum of Florence