Brussels Art Nouveau Tour

Brussels 1 day 5 stops 1.7 hours 3171


This is a tour for architecture and art lovers. Brussels has a unique style that was popular in the earlier part of the last century, Art Nouveau, which was mainly represented by the architect Horta. We will walk and see this design on buildings as well as enjoy a larger tour of the city. On the way will see some views and grab a coffee, there is also a walk in the park and a chance to eat great Belgian chocolate. Lets go!

       We start at a wonderful point, and as we make our way into the city we will discover layers of urban life that are unique to Brussels.


Old England art-nouveau building

Park Stop

Chocolate - Laurent Gerbaud

National Library View & Coffee

Comic Strip Museum

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Giddy Up in Saint-Gilles

Discover the Real Brussels

Brussels and the European District

The remarkable buildings of the European District

Around Avenue Louise

Get a feel from Brussels

An afternoon in Ixelles

Hang out in a lively neighbourhood of Brussels

Roam Ixelles Brussels

The Coolest place to be